Friday, February 16, 2007

Two Guys & A Rental Car

It's hard to imagine a more unlikely pairing than Jim Carrey and Tom Vilsack. But, there they were together last night on "The Tonight Show" couch. Jay Leno joked about longshot Vilsack's small entourage being "two guys and a rental car."

I don't agree with Governor Vilsack (D-Iowa) on some issues but it's good see to this Pittsburgh native getting some national attention in his bid for the '08 Democrat nomination for the White House.

Bill Richardson deserves more attention, too. Two-term New Mexico Governor, U.S. Secretary of Energy, U.N. Ambassador, Congressman -- he would be one of the most experienced candidates for President in recent memory.

Not that this Republican in a late-primary state gets any say in the matter.


Tom said...

Agreed, PS. There are some pretty qualified D's in the mix. Just none of them are considered front runners or they already dropped out (Bayh and Warner). As a Pittsburgher it would be neat to see Vilsack do well, and then lose to Rudy, McCain, Romney, or Huckabee in the general!

Scott E. Crawford said...

Uhg... the front-runners of both parties aren't very impressive. Personally, I'm in the Paul-Hagel-Brownback camp, but those three don't have to much of a chance. Guiliani I think has the best (if not the only) chance for the Republican party, if he can overcome concerns that he is socially liberal. He's polled very well, and his record in New York is great. McCain and Romney's support for the "surge" in Iraq will greatly hinder any chance at victory in a general election if this past election is any indication. However, Guliani's reputation might overcome that. Still, I'm afraid it will be an uphill battle, although the Democrats don't offer anything. Clinton won't get any support from the disgruntled conservatives. John Edwards, however, scares me. His views smack of socialism, but the man does seem to have some sort of charisma, although I wasn't impressed in 2004. Out of the three, Obama is the least of two evils. I think he'd be ineffective- too inexperienced and popular to risk making any radical decisions. But I'd sooner take ineffective leadership over detrimental leadership.