Friday, August 17, 2007

Ode to an E-Mail Account

A few days ago, I ended one of the longest relationships of my life.

Yes, it's true -- I broke up with my Internet Service Provider.

So, after nine years and a month, my longtime e-mail address is no more. I first acquired the account when I worked at the Observer-Reporter, the daily newspaper for Pennsylvania's Washington and Greene counties. The O-R's parent company owned Cobweb back in those caveman days of the Internet and employees got a discount.

In the spirit of supporting a local business, I kept the account all these years -- even after the Observer Publishing Co. sold Cobweb to Winbeam.

The account saw me through three State House races, more than five years on McDonald Council and several different jobs. It's a relationship pattern I've replicated with no other tech company -- I've probably had six or more cell phones in the same period of time.

But, alas, Cobweb-Winbeam does not service my new locale. And, wifi has become my new medium of choice.

Farewell, You served me well.

All correspondence may now be addressed to my other steady -- hotmail.


Scott Beveridge said...

You kept that account, even with cobweb's terrible spam filters?

Paul said...

Yeah...I did get a lot of spam come to think of it...