Monday, November 02, 2009

Tuesday is Election Day 2009!

Tomorrow (Tuesday, November 3) is General Election Day 2009. Don’t forget to vote!

If you live in New York City, please consider the candidacy of Alex Zablocki for NYC Public Advocate. I have had the chance to meet Alex (pictured at right) and think he would serve us well in this important watch-dog / mayor-in-waiting role. By now he certainly knows the city backwards and forwards as he’s been campaigning hard in all five boroughs.

If you live in the City of Pittsburgh, I would recommend Kevin Acklin for mayor. I’ve known Kevin for several years and can attest that he is a good man who cares deeply about future prosperity in the Steel City.

Kevin (pictured at left), an attorney and community activist, is running for mayor as an Independent. He was a generous supporter of my PA State House race. I’m proud to support his efforts today.

If you live in Pennsylvania, read up on the Republican slate for the state-wide judicial offices. In particular, please check out Templeton Smith for PA Superior Court. I met Temp in 2005 when we worked together on an Allegheny County judicial race.

Wherever you live, please give serious thought to municipal and school board races. The POTUS and the U.S. Congress are important. But, it’s really local government and school boards where the rubber meets the road.

If you live in the 3rd legislative district of Herkimer County, NY, please consider young veteran Steve Keblish when you vote tomorrow for legislator.

If you live in North Fayette Township, PA, I recommend Roxanne Buckels for township supervisor and Bob Doddato for township auditor.

If you live in Moon Township, PA, please cast your vote for Cathy Tress for tax collector.

Like Kevin and Temp, I was blessed to meet Roxanne, Bob and Cathy on the campaign trail back in the foothills of the Alleghenies. I met Steve this year here in NY.

They are all good people worthy of your support.

Vote tomorrow!

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