Thursday, October 28, 2010

Like Love

Tuesday night, after work, I went to the Supercuts on University Place for a haircut.

During the wait, I pulled out the October 8 edition of Commonweal. My eyes fell upon an interesting piece called "How to Shut Up" by someone writing under the pseudonym Unagidon. The essay, subtitled "An Old Devotion Quiets A Modern Mind," is about the author's personal experience of praying the Rosary.

It included this great quote from Fr. Herbert McCabe, O.P.:

"Prayer is like love; you won't really begin to understand it until you actually do it."

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Fran said...

I used to read Unagidon's work when I first put my toe into blogging 3.5 years ago, at Street Prophets.

I have the magazine and look forward to reading it.

Fran (at work!)