Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Animal Crackers

Shirley Temple, one of the greatest child stars in the history of American cinema, died yesterday at the age of 85.  Her precocious portrayals brought joy to moviegoers during the Great Depression and the World War II years.  Later in life, she became involved in politics and served as a U.S. diplomat.

I remember watching Shirley Temple's movies with my maternal grandmother when they were shown on weekend morning television in the 1980s.  (I have grandma to thank for my knowledge of old movies.)

One of Shirley Temple's most memorable movies was 1935's "Curly Top."  Here from that classic is her performance of  "Animal Crackers in My Soup":

" ... In every bowl of soup I see
lions and tigers watching me
I make 'em jump right through a hoop
those animal crackers in my soup ... "

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