Saturday, June 30, 2007

Brownback in Baltimore

Since Thursday, I have been in Baltimore where we were exhibitors at the Catholic Family Expo. Yesterday, the expo's afternoon keynote was delivered by Kansas Senator Sam Brownback, who is seeking the GOP nomination in next year's presidential race.

In his introduction, it was noted that Brownback risked some political fallout in Kansas over his conversion about five years back to Catholicism. This, and his reputation as a strong pro-lifer, likely contributed to the standing ovation that greeted THE BEGINNING of his remarks.

I have not been a fan of Brownback in the past but, I have to say, he made a compelling argument for his candidacy. I especially appreciated his recognition of what he called a "holistic pro-life stand" -- by which I hope he meant the consistent life ethic. It also was good to hear a high-ranking U.S. public official acknowledge the incredibly disturbing abortion rates of babies diagnosed with Down syndrome.

I still don't agree with Brownback on everything -- but he certainly piqued my interest.

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