Friday, June 08, 2007

Function at the Junction

Tomorrow, Saturday, June 9, is an important day for McDonald and the surrounding area. Beginning around Noon, the "Function at the Junction" will mark the official opening of the connecting link between the Panhandle Trail and the Montour Trail.

The connection, just west of McDonald in Robinson Township (Washington County) at the old railroad trestle, allows north- and south-bound trail users on the Montour Trail to travel east and west on the Panhandle Trail (and vise versa). It's an important addition for both recreation purposes and economic development.

David Guo had an article in yesterday's P-G about the festivities. Yesterday's Trib also had coverage.

THANK YOU to all those trail volunteers who made this possible! Our community is much in your debt for your tireless commitment to this important project.

Photo above from the Montour Trail Website is credited to Deb Thompson.

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