Wednesday, October 03, 2007


It's an understatement to say that the news of the government crackdown on the pro-democracy protests in Burma / Myanmar is disturbing.

For some background on Burma, check out the video below from Slate produced by Magnum:

(I am posting this despite the rather crass Infiniti ad prior to the report.)

Hat-tip: Andrew Sullivan.


Turkiye said...

As per previous post, Infiniti ad was quite crass before video.
I have receive info about Myanmar that thousands are dead. Many Monks being brutally tortured and murdered on their Holy Sites. Many illegally imprisoned.
What we are receiving in body counts from major media outlets does not do this ethnic cleansing and murders justice.

Nhat-Tam said...

Great Video. If only celebrities use their money and influence to change world politics for the betterment of mankind instead of getting addicted with alcohol and drugs.