Saturday, October 27, 2007

A Grand Opening on West 29th St.

Last night, we attended the Grand Opening Party of the headquarters of the "Greater NYC Ron Paul Action Group" in a large street-level commercial space on West 29th Street between 10th and 11th avenues.

It was a pretty good time and I was impressed by the group's level of organization. Lots of interesting conversation. The group was dominated by young people and was probably three quarters men. Lots of folks from Long Island, too.

For most of the supporters with whom we spoke, this is the first time they have been active on behalf of a candidate.

Being so close to Halloween, there were a few costumes in the crowd. I had a good dialogue about pro-life issues and religion with a guy in a Tinky Winky suit. (Jerry Falwell, may he rest in peace, would not have been pleased at all.)

For more on Texas Congressman Ron Paul and his White House bid, check out his official Campaign Website. Or, check out this video in which he discusses the federal income tax:

I'm not even certain if I totally agree with Ron Paul on this -- and I am not certain that his economic assumptions are correct. BUT, I like that he's thinking big-picture. He's not just accepting the status quo. He's asking questions about the financial systems through which American government and society operates. It would be good from time to time to ask if the systems are still effective.

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