Monday, December 10, 2007

In Memoriam: Sean Doherty, 1960 - 2007

I have never been a huge sports fan. Like most native Western Pennsylvanians, I make a point to know how the Steelers are doing but, usually, that's mostly it.

However, when I was back in PA, I always enjoyed catching the weekday morning sports briefs on WDUQ 90.5 FM, Pittsburgh's NPR affiliate.

I listened for those morning sports briefs because of the distinctive voice and personality of DUQ sports director Sean Doherty -- and his quirky interactions with morning jazz host Bob Studebaker.

It was thanks to Doherty and Studebaker that I had some general sports knowledge -- especially about basketball and hockey, of which I never knew much.

DUQ and the P-G report that Sean Doherty died Saturday night at the age of 47.

A voice of the Steel City has gone silent.

An aside: I loved it when Doherty referred to Heinz Field as "the mustard palace."

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