Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Kevin meets B16

The "Catholic nerd" in me feels compelled to share this:

Last week, my friend, Kevin Ahern, met the pope. Not only did he meet the pope -- Kevin gave remarks listened to by B16 himself during a Vatican meeting of Catholic non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

And, compliments of his Facebook page, he's got the pics to prove it:

Kevin, now a graduate student in theology at Boston College, recently completed a four-year term as the president of the International Movement of Catholic Students (IMCS) -- only the second American to ever hold the post that is based in Paris.

He came to that role through his work with the U.S.-based National Catholic Student Coalition (NCSC), an association of Catholic college and university students involved in campus ministry.

Kevin learned about NCSC after attending the organization's 1998 conference in Washington, D.C., with the Newman Club at NYU, a group I was proud to help organize back in that era.

Congratulations, Kevin! You have made us very proud!

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Waldie said...

wow, that was a flash from the past. i remember him. interesting stuff!