Friday, April 18, 2008

La Boheme

For this week's "YouTube clip for a peaceful weekend," it is very tempting to post a piece of music from the Mass at Nationals Park or something else related to the Papal visit. But, before B16 arrives here in Gotham and the ensuing posts about his NYC events, it might be good to take a quick breather from all things Pope.

Also, I have been remiss in mentioning that on Tuesday evening (thanks to her original guest coming down with a bug), I had the opportunity to join Kelly in seeing "La Boheme" at The Metropolitan Opera.

I'm a longtime fan of this Puccini classic and Tuesday evening's performance did not disappoint. In fact, "La Boheme" is usually the piece that I recommend to people when they want to go to their first opera -- owing to its romantic story, lush and memorable score and engaging staging (especially the crowd scene).

But, Tuesday night was a special treat because I had never been to a performance of "La Boheme" at the Met -- it was Kelly's first time, too. She was surprised by how much of "La Boheme" really did inspire the hit '90s musical "Rent."

So, for your listening pleasure, below is a clip (featuring some other opera company) of the well-known piece "Musetta's Waltz" from "La Boheme."

Pace e Bene:

And, a movie clip extra:

Remember when Loretta Castorini went with Ronny to see "La Boheme" at the Met? Enjoy:

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