Friday, April 18, 2008

Smart People

Maybe a quick movie review to help start the weekend?

Last Saturday, while I was home in Western PA, Ed and I caught "Smart People," a new movie set in Pittsburgh (notably at Carnegie Mellon University and surrounds).

The comedy/drama/romance stars Dennis Quaid as a grumpy, widowed CMU professor. Ellen Page ("Juno") plays his high-strung daughter; Thomas Haden Church ("Wings") is his perpetually down-on-his-luck brother; and Sarah Jessica Parker portrays an emergency room doctor who becomes Quaid's love-interest.

For a plot synopsis, go here.

When I first saw the preview for "Smart People," I was turned off by the prospect of another "angst before enlightenment" movie of this type. But, reading a good review or two (plus the Pittsburgh connection) pushed me to check it out -- and it delivered reasonably well.

But, I think "Smart People" may have been better without Dennis Quaid. I have to concede -- I find him grating. And, his range seems limited.

Sarah Jessica Parker may also have been a liability for the film. It's hard to watch her without constantly thinking of her as Carrie in "Sex and the City."

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