Monday, October 13, 2008

Infinite Playlist

I have been remiss in doing a post on the new movie "Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist," which we caught last Thursday evening.

While I don't think it's destined to be a classic, "N&NIP" was a decent, enjoyable flick. (As of this writing, it has a 72 percent rating at Rotten Tomatoes.)

The story follows two New Jersey teenagers (and some assorted friends) during a long night in Manhattan. The big name in this one is Michael Cera of "Juno" and "Superbad" fame.

Note to my crew in Pittsburgh who have not yet been to NYC: go see this movie if you want a sense of my current surroundings. A number of the scenes were filmed in my neighborhood.

One late-night scene was shot at Veselka, a Ukrainian restaurant on Second Avenue at 9th Street. It's a place I often take out-of-town guests for an affordable dinner that's different yet safe and homey.

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Heidi Price said...

I've wanted to see that for a while now. I'll definitely check it out.

P&I saw the Leonardo DiCaprio/Russell Crowe flick over the weekend. I give it a solid 7.