Saturday, October 04, 2008


Tiffany Boardman, a friend from the years of my PA State House races, has started her own Christian inspiration blog called "t-time."

From the new blogger:

"About five years ago, when our church started its “Contemporary Service,” I would send out the weekly 'order of worship' via e-mail to those that attended so they would have a clue about what was coming up on Sunday morning. Because I couldn’t just send out the order by itself, I started adding my own little bits of inspirational messages to go with the week’s theme. After much prayer, I felt it was time to 'go public' with my messages. Well, the time is now and “t time” is alive and running. Check it out!"

"t-time" includes a player with Christian contemporary music (starts automatically) -- great for those days when you need a lift.

An aside: I met Tiffany through Michael Wallace.

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