Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hoboken's Black & Gold Army

Here's more on the 'burgh diaspora celebrating the Steelers -- this time from across the Hudson River in Hoboken.


Pittsburgh isn't the only place to find Steelers fans.

The biggest contingency of Terrible Towel devotees in the New York City area may just be in Hoboken. Over 200 members of the Steelers in Hoboken fan club meet at Hoboken bar Texas Arizona (they've actually renamed it "Texas Pennsylvania") every Sunday during football season.

As Super Bowl XLIII approaches, Hoboken Now spoke with two the club members this week. First, we asked them: Why so many Steelers fans in Hoboken?

"Pittsburgh is America's real team. Pittsburgh fans are everywhere - you'll see 10, 20 thousand Pittsburgh fans in places like Tennessee," said club president Ray Powers.

Webmaster and senior club board member Anthony Dunleavy has his own theory for the diaspora of the Steelers Nation.

"When the Pittsburgh economy bottomed out in the 70s, a lot of people were displaced from Pittsburgh. When the steel mills closed, people moved away. But you never lose your love for the Steelers," he said.

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