Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Ambassador Rooney

Pittsburgh certainly had some luck o' the Irish yesterday:

Steelers owner Dan Rooney (pictured above) was given the official nod by President Obama to be the next U.S. ambassador to Ireland.

From Ed Bouchette's article in the Post-Gazette:

Dan Rooney will soon earn the official title, yet he's always been an Irish ambassador with his Steelers and throughout the NFL. He's long been known as the league's voice of reason and conscience and, when it appeared war would break out or did between the league's players and owners, a man of peace.

Ireland may be gaining an ambassador, but the Steelers and the NFL are losing football royalty, a Hall of Famer and son of the franchise's founder who put personal integrity above all else while operating his team and dealing with its people.

His absence will be felt in Pittsburgh and across the NFL, where labor war clouds again are gathering. His son, Art Rooney II, succeeded his father as Steelers president in 2002, and the public will discern few changes in the way the team is operated, partly because Art has run the daily operations of the team anyway. And Art's chief adviser, his father, will remain only a phone call away in Dublin.

The image above is from the P-G.

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