Wednesday, October 14, 2009


A few weeks ago, a tiny take out/eat in joint called Macbar opened a few blocks north of my apartment in Little Italy.

Located in a sliver of a storefront on Prince Street between Lafayette and Mulberry streets (catty corner from Old St. Pat's), Macbar can be identified by it distinctive yellow decor and signage -- fitting for a place that only serves macaroni and cheese dishes.

Tonight, I paid visit #3 to Macbar. I took out a small "margarita mac." It was excellent.

On visit #1, I took out "the classic." On visit #2, when my friend Jenni and I ate in, I had the "Mayan chipolte." These were both so good I wanted to lick the containers.

Before too long, I understand Macbar that will no longer be the new kid on its block. Two Sundays ago, I read in Monsignor Sakano's column in Old St. Pat's bulletin that a Shake Shack is going to open in the vacant lot at the northwest corner of Prince and Mulberry.

All good stuff for the neighborhood. Bad news for my diet.

The photo above is from NY1.


St Edwards Blog said...

Oh. Very good for food. Very bad for diet!

That mac and cheese place... oh my. And Shake Shack.

I am on a clear liquid fast, why am I even reading this or commenting????

A-lax said...

Love this place.
The food is great, I got the Cheeseburger Mac plus the super cool packaging was designed one of my past teachers Ran Lerner! Check his site out here