Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sell The Vatican, Feed the World?

Disclaimer: By posting the clip below, I am not endorsing some of the language used (see: f-bomb) or the rather shocking concluding statement. If you are easily offended by off-color humor, please do not hit play.

But, somehow, Sarah Silverman heard about Jesus' message in last Sunday's Gospel:

P.S. I would't sell the whole Vatican, maybe just some paintings and sculpture.

Back in the 'Burgh, Bishop Zubik has already done something similar.


St Edwards Blog said...


Not funny.

I actually have laughed at much of her work, I am highly irreverent at times.

It's true.

But not this. So simplistic. Did you see Jim Martin's column on the blog at America? Worth reading. (And not just because I commented!)

You are right - a few pieces could go, couldn't they?'

Bishop Zubik seems very cool - I recall reading about his plans to "downsize" when he was installed.

John said...

The funny thing is, the Vatican isn't actually worth THAT much. Sure, it's got some of the most valuable pieces of art ever, but if you actually tried to liquidize it, you'd run into serious problems. There's not a huge market out there for entire cities full of art. They've actually done studies about this. I think the total cash value of Vatican City works out to less than Harvard University's endowment. But this is the problem with taking Sarah Silverman seriously.