Thursday, February 11, 2010

Weariness & Love

Yesterday, Fran wrote about a woman at her parish named Carol who died a few months ago after "a long, slow death from cancer." It was a fitting reflection for a snowy day in February.

Fran's description of Carol warrants quoting:

" ... She was a remarkable woman with a big, round moon of a face that showed her weariness but showed her presence and love much more profoundly. These matters are of course connected - weariness and love. With her soft, soft voice she would enter the office and begin speaking to me in Polish. I know about five words in Polish but that did not deter Carol, who would carry on a whole conversation while filling me in with a few words of English.

I would sit at my desk and watch her with wonder and delight -- the round softness of her face, the light in her eyes, her brilliant smile and the ever-present turban that reminded us all of her cancer. It was the only reminder; she was ever bubbling over with life and spirit in her words and presence, even through this weariness that manifested itself as a light also, just perhaps slightly more dim. ..."

The painting above is by Michel Ciry.

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Bernie said...

Fran's description of her friend is so near to my own experience, I am going to pop over and read it.
Thank you for posting.....:-) Hugs