Friday, March 19, 2010

Dying to Try

Spring is here. Deo Gratias -- it was a hard winter.

A tune that's light and enjoyable is required for this week's "YouTube clip for a peaceful weekend."

So, here is Colbie Caillat with her take on "Kiss the Girl."


Remember the original?:

It's appropriate to be tapping a Disney song for this weekend's tune as I'm currently in Anaheim, CA. In fact, just a bit ago, I watched tonight's fireworks over Disneyland from my hotel room window.

The purpose of the visit is to exhibit for my gig at the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress. It's my fourth time at this invigorating annual event.

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St Edwards Blog said...

Have a great trip. I wish I could be there, it looks like it will be amazing. Who knows, maybe next year?!