Saturday, March 27, 2010

What's Right?

I don't agree with David Frum on some issues. On some things, I'd be to his right. Regarding other topics, I'd be to his left.

But, in this interview with a Canadian television station, he provides ample food for thought about the Republican Party, conservative thinking and the direction of the U.S. electorate.

For your consideration:

Hat-tip: Dan S.


Bernie said...

Paul I can't believe I am going to say this but I enjoyed listening to this interview with David Frum. In fact he made so much sense and was so calm and intelligent I am surprised he is a Republican.
I thank heaven I am a Canadian and live outside of the chaos and fear going on in the US right now. I pray for your country all the time, but the Rush Limbaughs, Glen Becks, Ann Coulters, Sara Palins and Bill O'Rielly's really frighten me....they can stir up many unbalanced people. I wish that David Frum would go on there radio and tv shows but they won't have him, in fact when they hear this they will do whatever they can to get him out of their party..... just say'in. God Bless the USA......:-) Hugs

Fran said...

That was interesting. I like reading Bernie's comment. I feel very afraid of the levels of anger and it is very sad that Frum's voice can't be heard more widely.

We are so rooted at the moment by our need to define and those definitions keep getting drilled down further.

Then I think of Jesus' on the cross, arms wide open, welcoming to all.

What will become of our country? I am truly concerned.