Saturday, May 01, 2010

140 Characters or Less

This afternoon, I bit the bullet and created a personal account on Twitter.

I'm not exactly new to Twitter as I've been tweeting for my gig for a while.

But, as more and more news and professional interaction was taking place on Twitter, I knew it was time to pitch a more personalized tent.

A number of friends are already there including Brian, Natalie, Heidi, Scott, Vince, Senator Pippy, Tom, Amanda, Mike, Greg, Dave, John, Bill, Deacon Greg, Fran, Leo, Chandler, Lisa, Ashley, Dominic and Mandy.

And, I look forward to re-tweeting (RT) an occasional post by folks I hold in esteem like Sr. Rose, Sr. Anne, Grant, The Anchoress, Sully, Scott, Amy, Ann, Matt, Barbara, Meredith, Robert, Renee, Nickiee, Meghan and Peggy N.

(Apologies to anyone I missed!)

If you too are on Twitter, please consider following my tweets. I'll try to be interesting -- in 140 characters or less. :-)


Adoro said...

You would never "recognize" me but we met at NCEA here in Minneapolis.


Paul said...

Hi, Adoro! Did you come by the Magnificat booth?

I'm sure it was a pleasure to meet you -- even if I didn't place you with your fine blog.

Thank you for blogging, btw. It's been a blessing to read your vocation journey.

God Bless,

Adoro said...

Thanks, Paul,

Yes, we did, I was with my DRE and as I don't work under my blog name, you would not have recognized me by my name tag!

I remember looking at your name tag and thinking, "I know I should know this guy!" lol

In my defense I was in desperate need of coffee and I wasn't actually sure of my own name and location at the time!

So! Great to meet you and perhaps we will meet again one day so you can meet my alias and not just me.

(Wait...isn't that a bit backwards...?)