Monday, December 20, 2010

A New Template

I began this blog approximately four-and-a-half years ago in June, 2006. Its content has evolved quite a bit – adapting from a campaign blog for my State House race to a review of my thoughts on faith, politics, music and more.

But, the appearance of this space always stayed the same -- the old Blogger template of light blue on a dark blue background.

Today, I made the change to one of the new Blogger templates with a dominant background image. I also added my Twitter feed in the sidebar. (The Twitter feed refused to load in the old template.)

I struggled with the choice of an image. Perhaps this "view from the airplane window" sky is meant to symbolize the "between" of Between The 'Burgh and The City.

Thanks for being with me on the journey.


god googler said...

Love the new look

Fran said...

Love the new look.... HAH! I just typed that and then saw that Mike said (cue movie music) the same exact thing.

What can I say? Besides - love the new look!