Saturday, April 23, 2011

Fine Company

Of all the Lenten observances I've seen in 2011, the best has been Mike Hayes' "50-Day Giveaway" at his blog Googling God. From Day 1, the vlog series was consistent, creative and heartfelt.

Yesterday, in Mike's giveaway for Good Friday, I was honored to be among five bloggers to receive gifts. The others were Fran, Deacon Greg, Brother Dan and the Concord Pastor. (What fine company!)

Check it out:

Thank you, Mike! I know I will enjoy that book. Ray Suarez is a fellow NYU Arts & Science alum. I was pleased to speak to him at an event a few years back.

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Fran said...

I was thrilled to be included and I can joyfully say that I have met you all in person!

As for Ray Suarez, I really like him. Just watched a special about Jerusalem that he did... It had been on my DVR for awhile.

Easter joy!