Thursday, April 07, 2011

Wisdom of the Other Side

There's an excellent new offering at Salon called "I can't believe my best friend is a Republican." The author is Taffy Brodesser-Akner.

I loved this paragraph:

... I think having a Republican friend is making me a better liberal. We need friends who differ from us. It's easy to watch Republican extremism and think, "Wow, they're crazy." But when someone is sitting face to face with us, when someone we admire and respect is telling us they believe differently, it is at this fine point that we find nuance, and we begin to understand exactly how we got to this point in history. We lose something critical when we surround ourselves with people who agree with us all the time. We lose out on the wisdom of seeing the other side. ...
Amen to that.


Fran said...

This is so timely; there is a partisan argument going on at my facebook page. I will link to this one!


Fran said...

FB won't let me link your page...thinks you are spammy! I filled out a form to complain!