Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Scenes from the Campaign Trail

Some recent photos taken on the campaign trail:

Yours truly with former Pennsylvania Governor Mark Schweiker at a breakfast fundraiser held Friday morning to benefit Friends of Mike Turzai.

On Saturday, it was a pleasure to participate in McDonald's annual Emancipation Day Parade and Festival. I am pictured here prior to the parade with members of the youth group from Irons Memorial Presbyterian Church in McDonald. The young man to my right is my cousin, Jimmy Hainaut. That's the youth group's "Jonah & The Whale" float behind us.

Pictured above is Emily "Emmy" Brooks of McClain Farms Road in Chartiers Township. Emmy is doing some advertising for the campaign inside the petting zoo at the Cecil Township Fall Festival. Emmy is the granddaughter of Bonnie West, a resident of Georgetown Estates in Lawrence, a neighborhood of Cecil Township. Earlier this year, Bonnie became chairwoman of the Washington County Republican Party. THANK YOU to Bonnie and Emmy for their support!

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