Friday, September 08, 2006

Setting A Date to Debate

Craig Howell has a front-page story in the latest edition of the PA Focus about our debate challenge. We're lucky to have a local weekly like the Focus that can devote significant attention to this historic open-seat race for the state legislature.

While we would have preferred my opponent accept my offer to participate in five debates held at locations throughout the sprawling 46th District, we are pleased he has agreed to at least one extra debate in addition to the traditional candidates forum sponsored by the League of Women Voters of Washington County.

In our letter to my opponent, we suggested that our two campaigns jointly seek community organizations to sponsor the forums. Instead, my opponent's campaign chose to select a date, time, location, format and moderator without prior consultation with my campaign manager.

However, we do accept these arrangements as satisfactory and I will be pleased to attend. The debate will be held at 7 p.m., Thursday, October 12, at the Chartiers Township Building (located on Pike Street at Racetrack Road). Veteran newsman Jim Jefferson, pictured at right, of WJPA Radio will be the moderator. THANK YOU to Jim for taking on this role! (I've known Jim for many years -- we were often on the same beat when I was a staff writer for the Observer-Reporter.)

Stay tuned for an announcement from the League of Women Voters as to the date and location of their forum between the candidates running in the 46th District.


Conservative Caller said...

Give me a break. The only reason you challenged your opponent to five debates is so you could call him out if he refused.

Let me make this very clear- NO ONE CARES ENOUGH ABOUT YOUR RACE TO HEAR YOU DEBATE FIVE TIMES. What exactly do you think you're running for, anyway?

Your opponent was smart enough to avoid screwing around with you and set the debate. It's over- quit your crying move on.

Jen Bertha said...

If you don't care about the race why leave a comment.

Scott E. Crawford said...

Maybe if the people already in office could draw districts that are more logical than something from Alice in Wonderland we wouldn't have to have 5 debates. People do care about this election, but who has time to drive 45 minutes to hear one? By having 5 debates, ALL citizens have an opportunity to attend, not just those in Chartiers Township. If Jesse White's job is so demanding that he lacks the time to give all citizens an opportunity to watch a debate, then he should withdraw. A candidate, when running for office, needs dedication. A campaign needs time and energy. If Jesse White can't even handle running for office, how can we honestly expect him to serve? I would think Mr. White would be glad to debate several times as a way of spreading his message and name to isolated areas in the 46th district. Because thus far, Jesse has not reached out to those of us on the outskirts or District 46. No letters, phone calls, personal visits. He lacks dedication.

Even if the accusations in your first paragraph were true (they're not), there is absolutely nothing unethical about it, and you'd be naive to think otherwise. It's called politics. There is a sensational book out by Mr. Chris Matthews that I would like to refer to you: Hardball. Look at the chapter labeled "positioning."

Conservative Caller said...

That's not what I said. I said that no one cares enough for five debates. Santorum and Casey aren't debating that much. Bush and Kerry didn't debate that much. Quit playing politics and worry about the issues.

Paul said...

A note to readers:

The poster "conservative caller" has submitted a rebuttal response to Scott Crawford's comment. The rebuttal takes a few shots at me.

However, "conservative caller" has an unpublished blogger profile and therefore has no reply e-mail of his or her own.

Note to "conservative caller": publish your blogger profile and let us know who you are (real name and location) and I'll publish your comment. I'll take the shots but not from an anonymous personality.

Scott E. Crawford said...

The Bush-Kerry debates were televised. Senatorial debates, too, are televised. We can see these debates without having to leave our houses. Personally, making a 45 minute trek from Beaver County to Chartiers is difficult and inconvenient, and I'm sure I speak for my neighbors as well. However, I can easily attend one if it's in my community. I think a debate is the best way to compare candidates. Unfortunately, one debate in Chartiers Township is unfair to the people in isolated areas. You imply that the campaign expects people to attend all five debates. That's not the purpose. The purpose of having five debates is so ALL citizens have an opportunity to hear both sides, to become familiar with the issues, not just the people of Chartiers Township.

And "quit playing politics?" This is an election we're dealing with. And a debate is a very effective way of finding out the stances of each candidate. So how can you accuse the Snatchko campaign of not "worry[ing] about the issues?"