Saturday, May 31, 2008

Makers Mark

I'm not a Hillary Clinton fan. But, I like the Hillary Clinton in this New York Times article by Mark Leibovich:

And then there was Wednesday night’s airborne bourbon swig in front of reporters on her plane, with Mrs. Clinton holding court for the diminishing press pool accompanying her.

Fernando Suarez, a reporter for CBS News who has been traveling with Mrs. Clinton’s campaign since October, asked her if she had ever been to Mount Rushmore before her visit there earlier in the day. Mrs. Clinton said she in fact had.

“Before you were born,” she added, looking at Mr. Suarez, who is 29, and noting that “I did a lot of things before you were born.”

She swirled the bourbon in her glass and nodded mischievously.

“And thank god you weren’t around,” Mrs. Clinton continued. “Or I wouldn’t have enjoyed any of them.”

The imagination tumbles.

It's nice to see a politician be real. And, right now, if I were Senator Clinton, I'd be knocking back a few bourbons myself.

This story also caught the eye of The Anchoress.

Hat-tip: The photo above is credited to Elise Amendola/Associated Press.

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