Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell

BeliefNet has an interesting Q&A with the Rev. Kirbyjon Caldwell, the Methodist minister from Houston who last Saturday presided over first daughter Jenna Bush's wedding in Texas.

Reverend Caldwell, who also prayed at President Bush's inaugurations, has endorsed Democrat Barack Obama for president.

This was BeliefNet's Question #1:

When you called President Bush to say you were endorsing Senator Barack Obama, how did he respond?

He had shared his thoughts with me about Senator Obama months before I called and told him I was going to endorse. And he says he likes him as a person. He told me that early on, before the Senator even announced he was running for president. He has a tremendous amount of respect for him.

While the differences between President Bush and Senator Obama are very, very clear, allow me to share with you what their commonalities are. One, they have deep, resolute loyalty to their country, to their families, and to their God. They are both Christians. They both love their wives intensely. They’re both very good dads.They are also strong believers in rebuilding the family and rebuilding the infrastructure of our communities… Now, obviously, they have two entirely different approaches as to how to achieve that common good.

The Anchoress also has some thoughts vis-a-vis the Bush wedding and Reverend Caldwell.

Deacon Greg is curious about the limestone altar.

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