Wednesday, June 18, 2008

#23, Point Guard

Senator Barack Obama chatted with Jimmy Kimmel the other night, mostly about basketball. The honorable gentleman from Illinois even referenced this. (!)

Good TV:

Hat-tip: The Crossed Pond


HowiTown said...

I think we, the readers outside of the real world, need an entire post about the Matt/Ben/Sarah gag and some explanations about how Jimmy Kimmel (who I'd never heard of before) got all those people to sing along! That was great! (Josh was my favorite . . . )

Once again, thanks for keeping my head above water in the plethora.

Paul said...

Yeah, Jimmy Kimmel came on the scene after you moved to D-land. He's the ABC late night guy after Nightline. Sometimes good. Sometimes lame.

Uh, regarding your request, not sure that would be suitable content for a blog about faith and politics. :-)

I loved the "We Are The World"-esque part of that video, too!

HowiTown said...

Even faith and politics must deal with those shady sides of life, Mr. S.

I'm sure you can find a way to tastefully and tactfully present an otherwise questionable subject.