Monday, June 09, 2008

"The Freedom Terrarium"

A brilliant pairing:

George Will visits with Stephen Colbert:

Hat-tip: The Anchoress


HowiTown said...

Good. I would never see stuff like this if it weren't for you, Paulie. Thanks. Some people may say you're an internet/TV junkie, but not me, I appreciate you. :) xoxoxo

Paul said...

Why thank you, cousin.

I had forgotten about terrariums, by the way.

I remember loving the one we made in Mrs. Barnikel's fourth grade class at McDonald Elementary School. Probably the first time I ever grew anything.

HowiTown said...

OMG I forgot about Mrs. Barnikel! I used to always think of barnacles around her, I wonder if she had a hard time as a child . ..