Tuesday, August 12, 2008

As Through a Portal

The Anchoress is leading a retreat.

And, she is inviting readers to join her from the comfort of their own computers:

... the purpose of this retreat is pretty much the same purpose as any other retreat - it is the mindful and voluntary creation of time and space, into which one steps, as through a portal. Like a portal, it is meant to take you somewhere outside of the ordinary, day-to day worries, concerns, duties, obsessions, have-to’s and compulsions. It is a reclamation of the “self” we tend to expend in too-great measure every day. In “giving up” as much of “the world” as one can reasonably do, for a limited time, we may re-order our priorities, re-discover what is really important in our real lives. Often our daily routine tends to corrupt our view, so that we begin to believe we need some things to survive - that we need to check in on the news 5 times a day, we need to answer some snarky remark in an internet forum. During this retreat time, I would urge you to resist the urge to follow your ordinary blog-reading/news-reading patterns, to step away from the computer as much as possible and consider that the time you would normally spend online might be better spent snoozing in the hammock, taking a walk, visiting a neighbor or picking up an old, discarded hobby.

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HowiTown said...

Been thinking about this a lot lately, and although I'm only on the computer for .5 - 1 hour (tops) a day, I believe it may be wise to cut back and really think if I NEED to spend that hour on it.

Also, having the office on a different level and not being forced to stare at the blinking inbox is helping in this process enormously.