Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Pot calls kettle black.

Flashback: October, 2006.

From the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary:

Main Entry: hyp·o·crite

Pronunciation: \ˈhi-pə-ˌkrit\

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English ypocrite, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin hypocrita, from Greek hypokritēs actor, hypocrite, from hypokrinesthai

Date: 13th century

1 : a person who puts on a false appearance of virtue or religion
2 : a person who acts in contradiction to his or her stated beliefs or feelings
— hypocrite adjective


HowiTown said...

OMG! That is so funny. It took me a while to figure out that it was that slime bags' blog I was reading. I just didn't get it at first . . .

Am I allowed to comment on his blog and tell him about karma and whatnot?

Jenny Williams said...


You lost. Mr. White did not launch into the horrible personal attacks on you that you would lead people to believe.

You lost that race three times. Quit blaming other people for it.

Washington County Dude said...

Absolutely side splitting. White's campaign against you and Paul Walsh was one in which they attacked and when you or Paul attacked, you were being negative.
Wonder if Jenny Williams is like Roy Lindy and the other names that Jesse, Autumn and Nick like to create.

Jenny Williams said...

Excuse me?

I voted for Paul Snatchko and I think he is a good person. I'm just saying that Paul made it sound like he was the victim of some horrible attack that cost him his election, which I don't ever remember.

I'll assume that Jesse is Jesse White, but I have no clue who those other people are. Should I know who Roy Lindy is???

Paul said...


The personal attack in our 2006 State House race that sticks out the most was the one in which my head was morphed five different ways with the headline: "Who is the real Paul Snatchko?"

I think that's also the one in which I was degraded for being single, for being a renter and for running for office multiple times.

There's a link in my post to the post in Oct. 2006 in which I reacted to that.

HowiTown said...

Oh yeah, "Jenny" is def. Mr. SlimeBag White. No one who actually voted for such a qualified and dignified candidate, such as yourself, would have EVER in a million years questioned the fact that SlimeBagWhite had taken some shots under the belt. And if "Jenny" did vote for you, but did not hear about the personal attacks made upon you, then maybe such an impossible idiot shouldn't be voting at all.

Give it up SlimeBag, we all know it's you writing this. No one likes you enough to stick up for you like that.

(Sorry this is hateful Paul, I know you are above such things, but I'm just NOT. SlimeBags need to know that they're not fooling anyone.)

Washington County Dude said...

He does this everywhere, fake names, creating dissent, calling in complaints on people, he is the worst kind of elected official. Notice that his wife is no longer listed on any of his sites?
BTW great call on Sarah Palin.

Jenny Williams said...

I'm appalled by the overwhelming hate I've received from the people on this site.

I don't know what to say except that I'm very disappointed that Paul would allow such material to be published. This is turning into the same kind of personal attack on Mr. White that you are apparently so far beyond- sure doesn't look like it to me.

My days as a reader of this blog are over.

Washington County Dude said...

Bye Bye Jesse, Bye Bye

jtimko said...

Washington County Dude,

What is your point about his wife? Aren't you the one who just got done chastising White for getting personal? What does his wife have to do with anything?

Who is Roy Lindy? Does anyone else know who or what you are talking about?

Paul said...

Note: This morning, Washington County Dude left another comment on this post. I am not going to publish it, however, as it contains a veiled assertion that could be libelous.

Paul said...

Another note: This morning, a person named Victoria left a comment on this post.

I would have published it accept for one term used that could be considered libelous.

"Victoria," if you resend your comment without that term I will publish your comment. It was in the last sentence of your second paragraph.

Paul said...

Another note: "Victoria" has reposted the comment but with a new libelous word in another place that makes the same charge as the previous libelous term.

Sorry, "Victoria," but you can't say what you are trying to say without evidence.

HowiTown said...

Gosh Paulie, this might be the best post I've ever seen. Good thing SlimeBag has nothing more to do with his time.

Also, I will have SlimeBag note, that while ALL of the comments are appearing on your blog (except the previously noted) that none, not a one, not even the harmless comments saying things against him, are appearing on his blog. Interesting. I'm thinking he'd do better in a non-democratic nation, personally. ("Only nice things will be printed about me!!!")

And it was once wondered how politicians got a bad rap.

Scott E. Crawford said...

Frank Yuvan...Frank...Yuvan.

Hmm...I'll have to remember that name so I'll know who to vote for come election day!

Sigh...how much longer will Pennsylvania be plagued by corrupt legislators? Particularly from the Democratic party? Unfortunately, it seems that too many people are content to live off government programs, instead of trying to create REAL progress...