Thursday, August 14, 2008

You Are Near

For this week's "YouTube clip for a peaceful weekend," here is a live choral performance of the hymn "You Are Near" by Dan Schutte (one of the St. Louis Jesuits). The performers are Hangad, a group of students and young professionals based in Quezon City, Philippines.


This hymn has been much discussed in the Catholic blogosphere this week in the wake of a new Vatican decree that the word "Yahweh" (from the Tetragrammaton YHWH) may no longer be said during Liturgy.

"You Are Near" is probably the hymn most used during Mass that will be effected. Although, this may only involve changing "Yahweh" to "Oh, God" or some other variation. My memories of this hymn go back to my high school and college years. I'd miss it if it were gone from the Mass altogether.

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