Saturday, April 25, 2009

Funny the Way It Is

I've been told by a reader or two of this space that the odd personal story makes for the most interesting copy. So, gentle reader, I shall introduce one of our weekly features with a little vignette.

Tonight, I went to dinner with someone with whom I am/was interested in going out on a date. It was a very casual thing as we have known each other for almost a year through a political group. We had spoken earlier in the day and agreed to likely touch base in the evening after we both were in the city. We met at a local bar and then went to dinner at a nice but not expensive Thai restaurant.

I thought dinner went quite well. Nice conversation, tasty red curry chicken, etc.

Then, outside the restaurant, things took an almost instantaneous nose-dive.

My "sorta date" leaves. A call from me goes unanswered. Odd text messages follow. A snide message awaits in my Facebook inbox.

In college, when faced with this type of stress, I'd often listen to the Dave Matthews Band -- usually beginning with "Crash."

So, for this week's "YouTube clip for a peaceful weekend," here is the new DMB single "Funny the Way It Is." I think I like it ... still contemplating.


Song hat-tip: Liz in my office


HowiTown said...

Awe, I love you big guy. The world is just holding out. You've got bigger things on your schedule!

And the personal note, added here and there, DOES make your blog!!

I miss you and love you . ..

HowiTown said...

Oh, you know what, I forgot to say:

When I have problems/things are on my mind . . . Dave helps me too. I don't know why, he just does.