Thursday, April 23, 2009

On Blogging

Regular readers of this space know that I often link to The Anchoress and Deacon Greg.

Want to see what they look like?

Here they are discussing blogging on NET:

FYI: Featured in the second half of the clip are Dr. McNamara and Grant Gallicho of dotCommonweal.

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St Edwards Blog said...

I am at work and should not even be looking at blogs, but I had to do something and this tempted me.

I will watch this when I get home.

In a few weeks I am leading a session at our annual diocesan catechetical event about social media and faith. In fact...expect to hear from me about it at some point, I am seeking input from other faith bloggers.

In fact your other blog (and maybe IRL?) friend Mike Hayes will be one of our speakers.

Is your email on your blog? If not, maybe you will email me at stedwardsblog at gmail dot com.