Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I got dumped today. The call came just before lunch, to be precise. I was at the office.

Being dumped over the phone wasn't the worst way it could have happened. Sure, in person, perhaps over some coffee, would have been better. But, by phone was a vast improvement over a previous means through which I was given my walking papers (A Facebook message).

The shove came after 12 dates over a seven-week period. At issue were my religion, my politics and differing financial values in a (potential) relationship. A disagreement over the proper visibility of Chinese delivery men in luxury apartment buildings was also a factor (go figure).

I didn't see it coming. And, quite frankly, I'm bummed, frustrated and a little angry.

Had I not been dumped today, I'd probably now be creating an upbeat post on the great article in today's New York Times about cookie tables at Pittsburgh weddings.

But, it's hard to focus my thoughts right now on connections Between The 'Burgh and The City. (And, perhaps it's a little difficult to get excited about a wonderful tradition for people who have found their mates.)

A few days ago, I came across Pearl Jam's chill song, "Just Breathe." It might be appropriate for the moment:

P.S. My cousin, Luke, and his fiance, Carrie, are expecting a special delivery tomorrow. Please keep them in your prayers.

That's way more important right now than any lunchtime phone calls received by yours truly.


breadgirl said...

Hi Paul
sorry you got "dumped". Keep your chin up, one day some fantastic person will come along for you. Perhaps the good Lord has someone really special put aside for you whom He will send to you when the time is right.
I have been reading through your previous posts and I have enjoyed them very much. Thanks for a great blog. Have a Happy Christmas and God bless you.

Heather said...

I saw that article about the P-burg cookie tables, and instantly thought of you & Melissa. I say you should blog about it anyway, when you can. People should know more about those awesome cookies.

Sorry again about the breakup, but you're going to have to explain about the visibility of Chinese deliverymen?

Paul said...

Thank you for reading, breadgirl! God bless you, too.

Heather, re Chinese deliverymen:

The dumper lives in a luxury high-rise apartment building in which the food delivery guys are required to take the service entrance and the freight elevator to make deliveries.

In what I now recognize was a hasty comment, I said this was not Christian and dehumanizing. I further opined that if someone was good enough to bring you dinner, you should have the courtesy to let them in the front door.

This did not sit well. Turns out it was a little thing that said a lot.

(Ironically, another point of contention was my being registered Republican ... )

St Edwards Blog said...

Oh Paul.

I am so very sorry.