Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Marriage in America

Earlier today, the Democrat-controlled New York State Senate struck down a bill that would have legalized gay marriage in the Empire State. The vote was 38 to 24 with eight Democratic senators voting nay, including four from Queens and two from the Bronx.

One of the state senators who spoke in favor of the bill was Senator Diane Savino of the 23rd District, which includes parts of Staten Island and Brooklyn.

I had never heard of Senator Savino before today. I don't know anything about her beyond what I've read at her Website.

But, her animated remarks on the Senate floor provide ample food for thought about the institution of civil marriage itself (don't miss the story that begins at 3:10). A self-identified Catholic, Savino also draws a distinction between civil marriage (what city hall makes legal) and sacramental marriage (what the Church defines).

Things to consider:

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Fran said...

Her words are very powerful and I thank you for posting them. I did the same and linked to you.

It feels very frustrating when I think of all the good Catholic gay couples I know as well as all the good gay couples I know.

The idea that all heterosexual marriages are sanctified and that homosexual ones are not is a mystery to me. I am around far too many straight people who trashed their marriage and around far too many gay people who can't get married.

As my mother told me over and over again as she taught me about race equality (and in some ways gay) in the 60's when I was growing up - "there's good and bad in every kind." If I had a penny for each time she said this I would be a zillionaire.

I thank her for her wisdom and how it shaped my view.