Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Nobel Lecture

On Thursday, President Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize during a ceremony in Oslo, Norway. Regardless of one's opinion of the POTUS, his politics or polices, you can't deny that his somber Nobel lecture warrants study.

I was particularly intrigued by the President Obama's articulation of the just war theory. In doing so, he seems to be making an argument to his liberal/progressive political base against absolute pacifism.

The ghosts of Ghandi and Dr. King obviously haunt President Obama as he readies to send more young Americans to Afghanistan.

I was glad that the POTUS mentioned, even briefly, the demonstrators in Iran. (They really deserved this year's Nobel Peace Prize.) It's also interesting that he noted the parts Pope John Paul II and President Ronald Reagan played in ending the Cold War.

For your consideration:

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Fran said...

Did you read David Gibson's column about this on Very interesting take.

Paul said...

I did. Related to the same comments that David Brooks makes in the clip.