Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Blazing Fire

Two weeks ago, at the wedding of my old college friend Pete in Burbank, CA, the first scripture reading was the passage from Song of Songs (a.k.a. Song of Solomon) that includes the verse "Set me as a seal on your heart."

I heard the same passage proclaimed last Saturday morning at the Mass of First Profession of Sr. John Paul Marie, C.F.R., at St. Adalbert Church in the South Bronx. (Sr. John Paul's college roommate is married to one of my high school buddies.)

In case you're unfamiliar, here are those beautiful verses:

Set me as a seal on your heart,
as a seal on your arm;
For stern as death is love,
relentless as the nether world is devotion;
its flames are a blazing fire.

Deep waters cannot quench love,
nor floods sweep it away.
Were one to offer all he owns to purchase love,
he would be roundly mocked.

These words have been the inspiration for more than one than one piece of music, including a classical setting that is often performed by choral groups.

But, I think the song related to this scripture that I most appreciate is the contemporary take of Matt Maher. In honor of Pete and his bride, Sr. John Paul and everyone with a burning love, I post it below for this week's "YouTube clip for a peaceful weekend."


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Anonymous said...

I love this song by Matt. Peace and all Good!