Tuesday, March 17, 2020

COVID-19 Diary: Day 4

Dear Old Blog,

Today's big decision was deciding whether or not to go to the poll and vote in Florida's presidential primary election.

I am feeling good today. The dry cough is minimal (without the benefit of any cough medicine for 24 hours).

I was loathe to sit out this primary election as it was my first opportunity to vote in Florida since we moved here last July. I missed last year's general election in November as I was in Pennsylvania with my mom during her time in hospice.

So, Eric and I went to our polling place in the lobby of the auditorium of Lake Nona High School. (The high school students are on spring break so there was no worry with that.)

I am pleased to report there was no line at all. In fact, Eric and I were the only voters in the space while we were voting.

Upon arrival, I spied a container of hand sanitizer on the sign-in table. I did apply some of the sanitizer to my hands.

We stayed back from the poll workers and marked our ballots easily and quickly with pens we had brought from home. 

Then we exited. Easy-in and easy-out.

Technically-speaking, it was breaking the self-quarantine. But I think it went ok. I'm happy I voted.


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