Wednesday, March 18, 2020

COVID-19 Diary: Day 5

Dear Old Blog,

That dry cough seems to be almost gone.

I write that with a great deal of gratitude. I've begun to read about the immense lung pain and breathing trouble for some of those who have contracted COVID-19. It sounds awful.

I now have two acquaintances in New York City who have confirmed cases of the disease. From their social media posts, one seems to be doing fairly well. The other has been hit very hard.

Today was the first day that Eric worked completely from home. That's going well. It's nice to have him home with me.

At the current moment, my magnum opus is the the page on the Paulist Fathers website with the listing of online Mass broadcasts (since public Masses have been cancelled). It's nice to help provide a resource for anyone during this hard time.


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