Thursday, March 19, 2020

COVID-19 Diary: Day 6

Dear Old Blog,

Eric and I just came in from a little walk around our neighborhood, Laureate Park in Lake Nona, FL. It was a beautiful warm evening.

We went for a walk last night, too. That stroll was after dark around the big retention pond about a block from our house.

Going for walks is pretty much the only acceptable outing these days.

We still get food deliveries to the house (Mexican yesterday for lunch. Japanese tonight for dinner). I wonder about how much exposure to the virus that presents.

This morning, I learned that an acquaintance in New Jersey (a fellow NYU College of Arts & Science alumnus) has tested positive for COVID-19. He's treating the virus from home.

This evening, a friend in New York shared that a friend of his died due to the virus.

Yes, it's close to home.


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