Wednesday, May 13, 2020

COVID-19 Diary: Day 61

Dear Old Blog,

Since I've been sharing some details about our quarantine TV in this space, I probably also should report on quarantine reading.

Well, not really reading — more like listening — as I consumed this particular volume as an audio book.

"Baseball as a Road to God" was my pick for my old book club in NYC to read and discuss (we rotate book selection for the group). It was written by John Sexton, who served for many years a president of my alma mater, New York University.

This book was more "baseball" than "God" than I would have preferred. But, it was a worthwhile listen nonetheless. At its heart, "Baseball as a Road to God" makes the case for appreciating the transcendent parts of life and their comforting rituals and rhythms.

For instance, many a passionate opera fan likely could write a similar book with the title "Opera as a Road to God."

My only real criticism was that President Sexton didn't read the audio book himself. The voice of the narrator of "Baseball as a Road to God" was too perfect. This offering would have benefitted from Sexton's New York sound.


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