Thursday, June 04, 2020

COVID-19 Diary: Day 83

Dear Old Blog,

Apologies for a practical observation in a time of national crisis.

But, I've had this on the brain lately:

Due to hurricanes, tornados and civil unrest, why don't all windows have a protective element that can be activated when needed?

You would press a button and a shield would descend over your windows?

Or, perhaps all windows could be protected by actual, functioning shutters with tremendous strength. The kind that could be activated by remote?

So, if I am traveling, and I learn a hurricane is coming close to Orlando, I could press a button on an app, and instantly protect all of my house windows?

Overall: Instead of having to board up windows with temporary plywood, why not have a built-in, permanent solution? Even make them interesting and beautiful from a design perspective?


P.S. I first posted a version of this on Facebook. Head over there to see some helpful comments.

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