Friday, June 12, 2020

COVID-19 Diary: Day 91

Adam Woomer (1981 - 2020)

Dear Old Blog,

Word came today via Rew Starr that Adam Woomer has died at age 38.

His death on June 5 was confirmed in the Altoona Mirror. According to another contact of his writing on Facebook, he died of complications from leukemia.

Adam was a friend of Eric before I met Eric.

A sometime photographer and visual artist, you might have called Adam a latter-day bohemian when I met him in 2010. He lived in a walk-up on the Lower East Side. It was not unusual for him to restore items he found on the street, or use them for art.

In November, 2010, Adam created the nicest headshot of me I will probably ever have:

His signature move was to photograph big guys from above. :-)

In 2011, Adam also took beautiful photos at my birthday dinner and Eric's birthday brunch:

This shot captured by Adam at Eric's birthday brunch in 2011 became the photo we used on our wedding website:

Adam and I had Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania in common. He grew up in Hollidaysburg.

A few years ago, thinking life could be easier back in the country, Adam moved back to that part of the world.

Except for Facebook, we lost touch with him then.

At some point in the past year, Adam returned to New York. He was starting over.

Adam, I pray that you are now in God's warm embrace. Earth is a less interesting place for your early departure.


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Josh said...

Thank you for writing these kind words about Adam. It was very shocking and sad to hear. He contributed so much as an artist and photographer and with his humor.