Monday, October 23, 2006

An Editorial

Today's O-R has an editorial about the recent mailing sent to voters in the 46th District from the Democratic State Committee.

There also was a letter in Sunday's O-R about the mailing.


Scott E. Crawford said...

I suppose Jesse White is going to accuse the staff of the "O-R" of being "petty thugs..."

PGHST_Pundit said...

In his October 5 editorial “Don’t confuse the voters,” Mr. Klescik took umbrage with the fact that Paul Snatchko’s campaign signs do not list him as a registered Republican. He insinuated that Mr. Snatchko is trying to “trick” voters into thinking he is a Democrat because it’s not explicitly printed on his signs. He acts as if Paul is trying to hide something. Well, lets take a look at some of the other political signs popping up along the roadsides this election season and see if they are listing their party’s affiliation.
Rick Santorum, no. Bob Casey, not listed. Lynn Swann and Jim Matthews, nope. Ed Rendell, nada. Tim Murphy, not there either. I guess just about every politician except for Jesse White is running to represent all of their constituents - not just the ones affiliated with their party. Since 60 percent of the districts voters are registered as Democrats, are we to infer, through Mr. Klescik that Jesse White will not represent the other 40 percent of voters that make up the district?
But for arguments sake let’s go with Mr. Klescik’s logic about what is and isn’t on a candidate’s campaign signs. Bob Casey does not include the suffix after his name to designate himself as Bob Casey, Jr. According to Mr. Klescik’s logic, we should surmise that Bob Casey, Jr. is trying to “trick” the voters into thinking he’s actually his father. The Ed Rendell’s re-election signs I see up and down Route 18 simply say “Rendell Governor”. They don’t mention his Lieutenant Governor’s name - Catherine Baker Knoll. Is it possible that the governor is ashamed of some of her actions during the past year like when she showed up at a miliary funeral spouting anti-war lines and passing out business cards? Or is he running without a lieutenant gubernational running mate? Either could be the case, since I never see her on TV or in campaign commercials.
In addition to the charge of political dishonesty, Mr. Snatchko was also attacked in a piece of literature from the State Democratic Party. They claimed that Paul Snatchko does not pay property taxes because he rents. Do they actually believe that the cost of property taxes is not passed on to renters as part of their monthly payments? Everything we buy from groceries at the store or a car at a dealership has built-in costs. When Paul Snatchko pays his monthly rent, he’s also paying a portion of his property taxes; just like someone pays the cashier’s wages when they’re buying groceries. In addition, the PA Democratic Party claims that he doesn’t have the expreience to be a state legislator because he is single. I’d just like to remind the Democratic Party that the only qualification to become an elected official is to be elected. We got rid of qualifying tests in order to vote and hold office. As to the fact that Paul is single, was it not Jesse White himself complaining that Paul Walsh was criticizing him for not having a family during the primary election. In the primary Jesse said that his family life should not be a determining factor in who to vote for, but suddenly for the general election when he is the “family man” it’s supposed to matter. So on top of not wanting to represent Independent and Republican voters, the White Campaign won’t represent you if you are single or a renter.
During the debate at Burgettstown High School, Paul renewed his promise not to use negative advertising to get elected and not to attack Mr. White. I firmly believe that Mr. Klescik’s editorial is just that – a negative campaign effort from the White campaign. Paul Snatchko has kept his promise to speak about the issues. Paul Snatchko Snatchko has run a positive campaign focused on the issues that matter to voters. His “A” Rating from the National Rifle Association and multiple endorsements from Pro-Life organizations are just two more reasons of why I will be voting for Paul Snatchko on November 7. He has shown voters the way campaigns should be run: with integrity and honesty.
Party affiliation, campaign signs, and personal attacks - are these the issues Jesse White thinks are important to his constituents? Please Mr. White, tell your supporters - for the sake of the constituents of the 46th House District - stick to the issues and lay off the personal attacks.

William Lindley
Burgettstown, PA