Sunday, October 29, 2006

Getting Inside the Polls

Barbara Miller has an article in today's O-R about some Washington County polling places that are not sufficiently accessible for people with disabilities. The article is based on a study of the county's polling places done by Tri-County Patriots for Independent Living (TRIPIL).

Some of the polling places in the 46th District that were identified as being problematic are:

Chartiers Township 6th Precinct: Chartiers-Houston Library, 730 W. Grant St.

Smith Township 4th Precinct: Cherry Valley Sportsmen's Association, 423 Joffre-Cherry Valley Road

Hanover Township (Washington Co.) 2nd Precinct: Hanover Township Volunteer Fire Department, 9 Starck Drive

Hopewell Township: Hopewell Township Building, 20 Park View Road

Canton Township 2nd Precinct: Holy Trinity National Catholic Church Social Hall, 605 Hewitt Ave.

Cecil Township 1st Precinct: Iceoplex at Southpointe, 114 Southpointe Boulevard

Canton Township 1st Precinct: Polish Club, 64 Griffith Ave.

If anyone in these or any precincts needs assistance on Election Day going to vote, they should call our campaign at (412) 608-8842 or (724) 350-1540 and we will put you in touch with a volunteer who will help.

Also, the article sites as one example the "cumbersome" doors at the Chartiers-Houston Library that are difficult for people with disabilities to open. The librarian noted these doors are also energy inefficient and they are looking into grant funding to replace them.

If I am elected on November 7, I would seek to be a partner in securing grant monies for such initiatives that make life more livable for people with disabilities -- not to mention ensuring their ability to vote!

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