Monday, October 16, 2006

Public Radio: "Toss-Up"

Damon Boughamer of Public Radio Capitol News had a report today on the closest State House races in Pennsylvania. The 46th District race was identified as one five statewide in which a seat currently held by a Democrat incumbent is a "Toss-Up" for a win on Election Day. One of Damon's reasons for his rating was my 2004 showing against incubment Rep. Victor Lescovitz in which I gained 47.1 percent of the vote.

Also...THANK YOU to everyone who joined us this evening for our "Meet the Candidate" event at the home of Ann & Jim Dugan on Wedgewood Lane in Cecil Township. Thank You, especially, to Ann & Jim and to Tom & Lynn Uram for co-hosting this event! We appreciate your support!

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Scott E. Crawford said...

I'm afraid I couldn't get to either debate, but you will be pleased to know (if you haven't heard) that Hanover Township is OVERFLOWING with "Vote Snatchko" signs!!!